The Urology Department at Dallah Hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic management to patients of all ages and of both sexes. Care is provided for inpatients and outpatients with genitor-urinary adrenal conditions, and infertility cases, both acute and chronic.
The procedures that are carried out here include
  • Diagnostic radiological, such as intravenous pyleogram and cystogram
  • Specialty diagnostic tests, such as cystometrogram, PVRs and flow rates
  • Therapeutic, such as urethral dilation, supra public catheter placement/change, nephrostrogram, bladder irrigations and instillations, urodynamics and hormone injections ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)
Men's Health
Most of the health risks that a man can be exposed to, especially after the age of 45, can be prevented and can be treated through follow-up with the specialist doctor and adhering to his directives to avoid the aggravation of health problems, some of it can affect his daily life.