Smart Insulin Pumps

03 Nov, 2021

Dr. Abdullah Al-Quwaihis, endocrinology and diabetology consultant in “Dallah Alnakheel Hospital”, assured that the new insulin pumps available in Dallah Alnakheel Hospital are characterized by the smart protection in case of linking them to the diabetes sensor, allowing them to pump the insulin automatically based upon the diabetes readings, and anticipate the diabetes readings direction in the next hours.

Dr. Al-Quwaihis explained that this feature allows for giving correcting doses for high diabetes level automatically per five minutes, and he added that it helps protecting from the diabetes level drop through decreasing the insulin pumping in case of dropping the diabetes readings.

Dr. Al-Quwaihis reported: “The new generation is characterized by the ability of linking the diabetes readings to mobile and sharing them with family or physician.” “The new generation helps achieving more time within the range, low level of HbA1C, and more comfortable.,” he added.