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Purpose of this policy

To find out what is the case in the fourth of the Law on Corporate Governance issued by the Free Capital Market Authority to listen to Dallah Health Services Company, apply the regulations in order to enhance organizational culture, integrity and adherence to principles and ethical values.

It is also this policy to increase the confidence and trust of the designated persons in raising any issues related to the real without fear of reactions from the other party suspected or accused of involvement in such cases and taking these cases seriously in the investigation Punishment

People concerned with this policy

All employees of Dallah Health Services Company and its subsidiaries and subsidiaries at all levels and levels of employment including the executive management team and senior managers and permanent and temporary employees as it applies to clients, members of the public, agency employees, external consultants, suppliers and vendors (all of whom are referred to as "the persons concerned" () In this policy those who may be aware of any type of offense / crime within the company may become aware.

Scope of communications within this policy
  • Suspecting a crime / crime.
  • A crime is already committed, is being committed or is likely to be committed (including but not limited to: harassment, theft, fraud, and bribery).
  • Non-compliance with legal obligations, whether derived from the statute, regulations, regulations, or contracts.
  • Threatening the health status and safety of any individual, or being threatened, or potentially threatened with death.
  • Damage to the environment, or being damaged, or possibly damaged, which falls under the scope of the company
  • Intentionally hiding any of the above, or possibly hiding it from it

Report a violation

If you want to report a violation, please fill out the form below and click the Submit button. After receiving the information, the information will be verified and the tracking number will be sent for the violation you submitted.

Open the calendar popup.

Contact Information

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