The Department of Radiology provides various diagnostic and treatment services under the supervision of a qualified, experienced and competent medical staff.

The department’s services include CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, bone density testing, breast imaging, x-rays, and using the latest technologies to provide integrated medical care for the patient from the time of the examination until the result is received through the application of Dallah Hospitals.


Facts about the department:

  • The department is managed by a qualified medical staff consisting of more than 32 specialists and consultants in radiology and nuclear medicine, in addition to 60 specialists, technicians and 9 nurses to provide integrated medical care to all members of society.
  • More than 600 x-rays are performed daily in the department, and the average time from the moment the patient performs x-rays until the report is issued is 4 hours for non-urgent cases.
  • The duration of the examination ranges from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and you are received around the clock, seven days a week

Examinations and procedures provided by the department:

  • Digital and mobile radiology.
  • Ultrasound examinations.
  • Axial tomography with 128 images per second.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging with a strength of 1.5 Tesla.
  • Nuclear medicine diagnostic (scintigraphy) and therapeutic (treatment of thyroid diseases with radioactive iodine)
  • Checking bone density (osteoporosis) with a DEXA device.
  • Digital color imaging of the digestive system and interventional blood vessels.
  • Digital mammography with biopsies.

Training and continuing education:

In addition to the weekly continuing education sessions within the department at the level of doctors and technicians, the department’s doctors participate by providing lectures and presenting medical cases within the hospital’s annual continuing medical education program. The department also trains between 4-6 doctors from the Saudi Specialty Certificate Program in radiology (board).

Department achievements:

  • The complete electronic archiving system.
  • A complete digital environment.
  • Active participation in the hospital's effort to obtain the JCI, ISO,
  • CBAHI certificate in quality.

Recent achievements of the department:

  • Approval of the Radiology Department at Dallah Hospital as a training and educational center for the training of physicians (the Saudi Specialty Certificate Program in Radiology) by the Saudi Commission for Medical Specialties.
  • Cardiac examinations by computed tomography, as well as all arterial studies and dental imaging for orthodontic purposes.
  • Conducting magnetic resonance studies for ear caries and the temporomandibular joint.
  • Conducting magnetic resonance studies of the small intestine, prostate gland, and anal diseases.
  • Carrying out magnetic resonance studies for perfusion of the heart muscle, with or without drug effort.
  • Conducting magnetic resonance studies for fetal abnormalities (after the 20th week of pregnancy).
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