Post Dental Implants guidance

23 Feb, 2022

How to clean implants:

There are two key instruments to be used when cleaning teeth and dental implants – toothbrushes and dental floss.

A toothbrush should be used gently, but thoroughly, to brush teeth and remove plaque. Equally important, flossing passes a cord very gently between the teeth to remove pieces of food stuck in places that the brush cannot reach, and which, if not cleaned properly, can cause bad breath, infections, bleeding gums and tooth decay.

In the case of single dental implants, you can continue to floss as normal because separate implants facilitate the cord's movement between teeth.

If you have a full set of dentures, such as dental bridges or several implants, a toothbrush or floss cannot properly clean the spaces between the dentures and the gingiva. In this case, a water flosser must be used, which pumps the cleaning liquid under the dentures to remove any pieces that are stuck there.

Pay attention to the quality of the food consumed to maintain the dentures. Eating solid foods can expose the implanted dental piece and teeth to excessive stress, which may have negative effects.

Avoid gummy or sticky foods such as sweets as they may weaken the cement layer (Eugenol) between the teeth and the denture. This may affect the secure implantation of the denture leading to its separation from the teeth.

You are encouraged to visit the dentist periodically to make sure everything is going well. At Dallah employs a number of leading cosmetic surgeons that are experts in their field and are able to advise on certain procedures like abdominoplasty.

Dallah Al Nakheel employs a number of dental experts and is a leader in providing advice and delivering a range of dental procedures, such as implants.

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