In January 2007, Patient & Family Teaching was established as one of the recent programs supported by the Nursing Department. The purpose of the center is to promptly identify patient/family educational needs in order to facilitate the understanding of the patient’s health status and care options, and increase their potential to follow a therapeutic health care plan and promote a healthy patient lifestyle.

Services provided
In-patient services:
  • Safe use of medications.
  • Safe use of medical equipment.
  • Appropriate diet and nutrition.
  • Food and drug interaction.
  • Rehabilitation techniques.
  • Pain management.
  • Informed consent.

Out-patient services:
  • Diabetic teaching clinic.
  • Nutrition clinic.

Referral services:
  • Internal Referral: from all departments to Teaching Center or concerned area.
  • External Referral: from the Hospital to other community services.

Community teaching activities:
  • Mother’s class: teaching classes done weekly for the important topic related to the family health
  • International days: community activities aim to enhance public awareness about health issues.
Our Mission:
Patient and family teaching center’s staff are committed to educating and delivering a high quality and efficient health teaching, based on best practices, in a timely, dignified and professional manner for patients and families about their healthcare needs from local community and beyond.
Our Vision:
Patient and family teaching center’s staff will strive to educate patients and families using continuous education and quality improvement. The staff aims to provide education and training to meet patients and families’ ongoing health needs and achieve their goals in a culturally and traditionally acceptable method by Dallah Hospital policy and according to patients’ value and beliefs.
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