Success of Surgeon Team in removing a lung tumor

13 Jun, 2021

Dr. Saleh AL-Nasser “Thoracic Surgery Consultant” leaded a surgeon team and performed a surgery of removing a lung tumor through small open of 3 cm for 59 years old patient. This patient was diagnosed of lung tumor, the patient prepared for the surgery which was performed successfully and patient discharged home after one day.

Dr. AL-Nasser has explained this type of surgeries are significant being healed in short time with less pain and complications, which allow the patient to leave the hospital in short time, unlike the open surgeries that usually cause pain and require the patient to stay longer period in the hospital to observe the wound and manage the pain that may extend more than a week.

It is mentioned that the limited interventional operation with one incision in the chest it is one of the very accurate surgeries that needs high specialized hospital and well-trained doctor and advanced equipment to help the doctor performing such operation efficiently and safely.