Success of Spinal fixation Surgery for old lady (ninety years old):

13 Jun, 2021

Dallah hospital – Namar has achieved a new medical achievement in the field of Spinal Surgery. Dr. Khalid Abdulshafy “ holding Saudi Board and fellowship of Europe Board” in collaboration with Dr. Rami AL-Shamrani “Consultant Neurosurgeon” has Saudi Board and Canadian Fellowship in Spinal Surgery. They performed surgery of spinal fixation for a lady in nineties of age as Dallah Namar Hospital well equipped with advanced equipment.

This team has ended the patient suffer as she was complaining of severe pain in low back radiating to lower limbs and unable to walk due to pan and muscles spasm, which diagnosed as acute stenosis in lumbar vertebrates and compression on nerves accompanied with instability in three levels.

According to Dr. Khalid Abdulshafy there are many factors make the decision of surgery hard, one of them is age and general anesthesia in addition to diagnosis of severe osteoporosis. As there was no other option than surgery after trial of all conservative treatments, it is decided to do the surgery to remove the compression by using surgical microscope and fixation of vertebrates and latest technology was used by injecting of bony cement in all affected vertebrates.

Dr. Abdulshafy extended his gratitude of the hospital management for securing all requirements to perform such operation and also extended his gratitude to anesthesia team (Dr. Ahmed Mossad, Dr. Ahmed Jabal) and Nursing team under supervision of Mrs. Remme Bossadas.

The surgery was successful and the patient discharged home in good condition.