Dallah hospital successes to stop urine retention from the bladder to the kidney with laparoscopic surgery

13 Jun, 2021

The surgery is done with laparoscopic inside the bladder to stop urine retention from the bladder to the kidney as a rare case of 10 months old baby as he has 2 ureters in each side and there urine retention in his four ureters. This is the first intervention of laparoscopic surgery in the Kingdom for such age. Such case was discovered due to acute urine infections affected kidneys. The surgery underwent by Dr. Hamdan AL-Hazemi “Pediatric Urologist Consultant” using laparoscopy and Robot.

The surgery done by making three small holes for the laparoscopy inside the bladder 5 mm for the camera and 3 mm for tools of the surgery. The operation was successful with quick healing.

During follow up visit, it was noticed that no more retention in the four ureters and no more infections and antibacterial was discontinued.

It is known that laparoscopic surgeries are better than open surgeries as using small holes, operation details are more clear, accuracy in surgical intervention, less pain and significant short period of healing comparing to open surgeries.

It is worth mentioning that laparoscopic surgery done in Dallah Hospital in Pediatric Urology Surgery regarding operation of restriction between renal pelvis and ureter and surgeries of total or partial kidney excision and also ureter transplantation due to occlusion or urine retention and surgeries of undescended testis for all ages without opening.