Physiotherapy is the fourth most important professional care in the world. The physiotherapy team is an integral part of the multidisciplinary system, treating patients with chronic health conditions and using physical means to restore or stimulate motor function. The Department of Physiotherapy is committed to providing professional health services and is constantly engaged in development, training, research, clinical studies, and involvement in the education of students, staff, and the community.
Many problems, including pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, can be treated. It also responds well to physical therapy also problems of the neck and back, sciatica, headaches, in addition to sports injuries such as hamstrings, elbow, shin, cartilage, ligament, after joint replacement operations, and orthopedic problems such as fractures, and can provide improvement in the vital movement of the body. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis or arthritis or have a joint problem, advice, exercises (including aquatic exercises) and pain-relieving treatments can be provided. Physiotherapy can be used to treat many conditions of muscle problems. You also do not need to be an athlete. In order to benefit from physiotherapy services, you can at Dallah Hospital take advantage of these services, whatever the cause of injury or pain, and get effective treatment with high quality as soon as possible. All our facilities are equipped with the latest medical devices and advanced equipment in order to enhance our ability to take care of you to the fullest. Specialized rehabilitation is designed to help you recover safely and as quickly as possible after an injury or illness.
Physiotherapy services
  • Electrotherapy: It contains medical devices specialized in the field of rehabilitation and physical therapy, which play an important role in relieving pain, stimulating muscles and nerves, and their role in relieving swelling resulting from sports injuries. The hospital has been interested in providing what is new and advanced techniques in this field.
  • Hydrotherapy: It is one of the methods of rehabilitation and physical therapy for many cases after fractures, endoscopic operations, and cases of back pain.
  • Manual therapy: It is one of the advanced physiotherapy methods specialized in treating injuries of the upper and lower extremities, where there are specialists in physiotherapy with high qualifications, and all the necessary aids and devices for these pathological cases have been provided.
  • Treating children: providing all the necessary specialists in the field of treating children's cases and providing all the necessary means and auxiliary devices to provide the best treatment methods.
  • Therapeutic exercises: Out of concern for the health of the patients of the Physiotherapy Department at Dallah Hospital, the department was equipped with the latest therapeutic and sports equipment to get the patient back to daily activity and daily functions. One of the aids to reach the desired goal, which is to restore the daily functions of man.
Physiotherapy programs
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program
  • Rehabilitation after knee arthroscopy
  • Post-prosthetic knee and thigh rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation after fracture operations
  • Post-operative rehabilitation of ligaments and tendons of the shoulder, knee, and ankle joints
  • Post back surgery rehabilitation
  • Postpartum rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of diseases of the nervous system