With the acceleration of the pace of science and the expansion of our knowledge of various diseases and methods of diagnosing and treating them. Dallah Hospitals has worked to attract medical competencies in all specialties with its continuous keenness to provide accurate and rare specialties, and it was one of the leading hospitals in this field.
  • Outpatient clinics: they include more than 20 specialized clinics in all branches of internal diseases, and they cover official working hours. Patients are diagnosed with extreme accuracy, especially with the availability of all modern and advanced diagnostic tools and methods.
  • Ancillary units: where these units provide services for diagnosing gastric germs by breathing and measuring respiratory functions for patients with lungs, dialysis and supervised by a group of distinguished nephrologists, endoscopy of the digestive and respiratory system, and in the recent period the service of endoscopy of the bile duct “ERCP” was added to treat blockage of the duct Gallbladder removal and ducts.
  • Internal departments: where all internal cases that require treatment and follow-up are admitted to the hospital, such as cases of acidic blood in patients with diabetes "DKA", cases of gastrointestinal bleeding, cases of severe infection, neurological or renal failure, acute and chronic liver diseases, etc., and the hospital also has departments The care required for the elderly and those with diseases that need continuous medical care.
  • Attends the patients at outpatient clinic who have gastrointestinal diseases or/and liver diseases.
  • Admit patients to the ward having gi and liver diseases.
  • Attends and give consultation for referred patients with gi and liver disorders from other departments.
  • Can performs endoscopy
      • a. Upper endoscopy for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, e.g:
        • Biopsies
        • Oesophageal
        • Varices injection sclerotherapy
        • Band ligation.
        • Peg tube insertion
      • b. Lower gi endoscopy (colonoscopy both

Diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes.

    we need for completion of our services:
  • Fibroscan for diagnosis of liver cirrhosis/fatty liver
  • Accessories for endoscopic procedures as ordered before
  • Attends patients in the outpatient clinic having diabetes, thyroid diseases, hyperlipidemia, weight problems and others.
  • Admits patients to the ward having endocrine diseases as mentioned above.
  • Attends and give consultations for referred patients from other departments, e.g.:
    • Gestational diabetes in pregnant ladies
    • Can performs the following proceudres:
        • Insertion in insulin pump
        • Fnac of thyroid lesions, if needle is available
        • Fundus camera specified for diabetic patients
    • Can supervise the diabetes foot clinic
    • Can manage patients with diabetes complications like diabetic neuropathy
    • Can supervise dietary clinic concerning diabetes and obesity; if the clinic is established.
Pulmonary Diseases
  • Attends pulmonary cases in the outpatient clinic.
  • Can admits patients with pulmonary diseases to the ward.
  • Can give consultation of pulmonary diseases refer from other departments.
    • Can performs the following procedures:
      • Full pulmonary function test, e.g.: (spirometry, lung volume, diffusion capacity); if the equipments of pulmonary functions are available.Can interpret sleep study; if sleep laboratory is available
      • Can performs bronchoscopy + bal + bronchial biopsy
      • Can performs ultrasound guided pleural aspiration