One-day case surgery is an operation completed in one day that does not require the patient to stay in hospital overnight. Dallah hospitals employ advanced surgical techniques and provides full care for patients during their therapeutic journey in all surgical departments.


One of the main advantages is that one-day surgeries are very safe. The patient can undergo surgery and return home on the same day without any major risks, which provides patients with a sense of comfort that they can heal faster, depending on their condition and the doctor's recommendations. In addition, Dallah adopts new and effective anesthesia and pain control methods that are commensurate with the need and nature of the operation.
Why choose Dallah hospitals to deliver one-day surgery?
Dallah hospitals have the most advanced medical facilities to perform one-day surgeries in Saudi Arabia. Dallah is renowned for being the most trusted healthcare provider in the Kingdom, driven by a passion for providing excellent standards of care delivered by the best experts and specialists in the medical sector. One-day case surgery disciplines include:
  • General surgery, surgical Endoscopy, colon, and rectal surgery
  • Gynecology and assisted reproduction
  • Ear, nose and throat
  • Pediatric surgery
  • Ophthalmology, vision correction and cataract removal
  • Urological and reproductive tracts
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental surgery and transplants
  • Orthopedic surgery


Before the surgery:
The attending doctor assesses and diagnoses the patient’s condition before deciding to conduct the operation and if the patient qualifies for one-day surgery.
Before proceeding with anesthesia, the doctor performs all necessary tests, obtains the approvals required, and gives the patient advice regarding diet control and taking medication in advance of the anesthesia. The anesthesiologists then follow per procedure and communicate with the patient.

Operation day:
The patient is put under anesthesia in a private room while doctors and nurses prepare for the operation, following established medical requirements. After the surgery, the patient is transferred to the post-operative recovery room and then to their own room, for periodic monitoring.

Hospital discharge:
The medical team informs the patient about their condition and provides prescriptions, advice, and guidance to follow, as well as instructions on discharge from the hospital.

At-home care:
Patient follow-up after discharge from the hospital is essential. It is a vital part of the treatment plan, so it is scheduled with the physician after completion of the operation.

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