Major Liver Surgery is a Success at Dallah Hospital

13 Dec, 2021

After suffering for from a tumor in her liver for an extended period, a patient in her 30s had the right lobe of the organ removed at Dallah Hospital, Riyadh.

Dr. Hamad bin Hadi Al Qahtani , Professor and Consultant Hepato-Bilio-pancreatic Surgeon, fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and fellow of the German Hepato-Bilio-pancreatic surgery, said: "For many months the patient suffered from abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting and weight loss. After conducting the necessary tests, the right lobe of the liver was remove during a successful three-hour operation, which is considered a major liver procedure. The patient recovered after seven days and her liver is now functioning normally once again."

Dallah Hospital offers a wide range of comprehensive medical services, delivered by consultants operating in line with the best medical practices globally. The hospital has a history of medical firsts, including being the first private hospital to conduct laparoscopic surgery in 1990.