Importance of a child's first visit to a Pediatric Dentist

10 Jan, 2022

It is recommended that a child's first visit to a pediatric dentist be within the first 12 months, especially when the child begins to teeth. Studies suggest that most children who are not suffering from dent phobia paid their first visit to a pediatric dentist before the age of one.

Recommending a visit to a pediatric dentist at such an early age may come as a surprise to new parents, yet studies indicate that children aged two years or below are likely to show signs of tooth decay.

The first visit is very important to the child, not only to ensure that any sign of tooth decay is treated, but also to familiarize the child with the experience of visiting and dentist. Parents have a positive role in facilitating their child's first dental visit, including explaining and reassuring them that a dentist is a friendly figure whose duty it is to examine our mouth and teeth. Parents can also support with making the visit more comfortable by using positive language and refraining from using dental checkups as a punishment.

In addition to helping to detect tooth decay, early dental checkups are also aimed at:
  • Providing insights on teeth-friendly diets
  • Counseling parents to prevent child tooth decay
  • Guiding parents on oral and dental hygiene to be maintained by age and how to properly clean teeth and gums
  • Spreading awareness on bad habits and false beliefs that may adversely affect the child's mouth and teeth
  • Regular usage of fluoride and protective fillings to help fight decay
Parents should protect their children by maintaining periodic checkups on their jaws and teeth, encouraging healthy brushing habits twice a day from a young age, and using fluoride fortified toothpaste and dental floss to ensure good oral hygiene.

Reference: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry