Health empowerment and patient safety

18 Apr, 2022

What's health empowerment?

It is an essential part of the treatment plan. Both the patient and their parents are active participants in the process, working hand-in-hand with the medical team.

Advantages of health empowerment

Recent studies have highlighted the benefits of health empowerment, such as improving the quality of healthcare services and enhancing patient safety and increasing the effectiveness of health systems and the level of patient satisfaction with the services provided. WHO has been encouraging countries to integrate health empowerment into their national health strategy.

How to employ the concept of health empowerment?

Make sure you ask the doctor the following questions during your next appointment:
1. What is my condition?
2. What should I do to improve it?
3. Why is it important?
Before approving the operation, ask the surgeon these questions:
1. What is my diagnosis?
2. What is a surgical intervention? (a simplified explanation, preferably an illustration)
3. What are the common complications, and how can they be avoided?
4. Are there other therapeutic alternatives? (both surgical and non-invasive)

We wish you and your family health and well-being.