Excision for a Tumor in Thyroid Gland for a “60 Years Old Patient” at Dallah Alnakheel Hospital

01 Oct, 2021

A medical team at Dallah Alnakheel Hospital was able to excise a tumor in the thyroid gland for a 60 years old patient after frequent visiting of many hospitals, as the examination was performed by Dr. Khaled Al Kahtani, ENT and head and neck surgery consultant.

After coordination with the anesthesia team, the procedure time was determined. The anesthesia team is chaired by Dr. Sherif Al Okdah (Consultant and head of anesthesia department) and Dr. Mofid Fawzi, anesthesia consultant. The procedure has been performed successfully using the latest universally recognized equipment in such cases to install a breathing tube in a successful manner. The patient discharged from the hospital in a good health.