The ER Department at Dallah Hospital provides a comprehensive emergency service to all patients admitted on a 24-hour basis. It accepts all patients for treatment.

Patients are ranked on a 5-level triage system in order to ensure that they are assessed and sorted according the criticality of their case.

The ER staff members are specialized emergency healthcare providers who have advanced qualifications and experience. Patients from all medical categories receive emergency care and medical referrals as necessary. An integrated animation room with 3 beds provides urgent care to life threatening cases.
The ER Department is able to provide rapid resuscitation, stabilization and transfer of critically ill patients. Although it is not a designated trauma center, it provides advanced trauma care to the admitted patients. Aside from life threatening cases, and critically ill patients, the department also caters for disaster care to the community during major incidences serving all ages. Non-urgent patients that meet specific criteria (vaccinations, etc.) are treated in the Fast Track area.
1st Section: General Male Emergency
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2nd Section: General Female Emergency
There are 55 beds – for accident & emergency.
There is a 1-bed triage room, 2-bed dressing room, 2-bed re-animation room, 1-bed mini-theater room, 15 beds for male treatment, 11 beds for female treatment, 4 beds for OB GYN, and 1 Fast Track room.
3rd Section: Pediatric Emergency
The Pediatric Emergency Section of the ER receives and assesses direct admissions to the hospital, including outside patients who are transferred/referred to intensive care areas in Dallah Hospital. It caters to both adults and pediatric patients.

The Pediatric Emergency Section is staffed by certified specialist pediatricians and nurses who have been trained to care for ill and injured infants, children and adolescents of up to 12 years of age. Here, patients are also ranked on a 5-level triage system, assessed and assorted according to severity of their case.

All pediatric patients receive emergency care and medical referrals as necessary. Trauma pediatric patients, such as those with cut wounds, burns, fractures, etc, are referred to the Adult ER.

Emergency Section

The Pediatric Emergency Section is highly equipped with a special design for pediatric patients who stay under the supervision of pediatric consultants and registrars, and are supported by well-trained nurses. This section is ready to manage patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is prepared to deal with emergency cases and perform any required procedures. It is outfitted with a room that records vital signs, a triage room, a 7-bed emergency hall, a resuscitation room and two consultation rooms.

The section is also operated by 8 accredited pediatricians who have the necessary training and experience in handling pediatric emergencies, and are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the high standards of care given to our pediatric patients. The facility is set to handle a wide range of medical problems including infectious conditions such as colds, acute gastroenteritis, croup, acute bronchiolitis, pneumonia, meningitis, septicemia, encephalitis and chronic recurrent illnesses such as asthma, sickle cell disease, hemophilia, seizure disorder, diabetes mellitus, and nephrotic syndrome.
4th Section: OB GYN Emergency (Upper Level)
Continuous emergency nursing care is maintained throughout a 24-hour period. In order to be able to respond effectively to unpredictable fluctuations in patient census, as well as disaster preparedness, an extra number of DRs and RNs are on call throughout the 24-hour period.

The ER intersects with all departments in the Hospital. Ambulance services provide the transfer of patients, as well as MediVac transportation for critically ill patients. It responds to all outpatient and non-clinical situation codes as a member of the multi-disciplinary code team.