Digital Dentistry

16 Oct, 2022

Dentistry in modern times has also evolved digitally to include solutions to make visits easy, simple, safer and faster.

Modern technology in the field of dentistry allows us to examine, diagnose, and treat your teeth and oral mouth more conveniently and easily rather than the hard-conventional way.

This allows your appointments and treatment to be faster and less stressful including:
  • Diagnosing caries
  • Smile designing of veneers and crowns
  • Orthodontic models
  • Monitoring teeth and gums over time
  • Taking impressions for crowns and bridges
  • Implant planning
  • Major surgery planning

What we have at Dallah Dental Center?

We at Dallah hospital use a high end intraoral scanner devise with well trained professional dentists to accomplish treatments at a safe and easy way. The Scanner will detect caries and defects in the mouth with a general scan of all upper and lower teeth and store your records for future reference and treatments and to keep up to date of any changes in your mouth.

The scanner can also be used to take a digital impression rather than the original way with trays and slimy material especially with people who feel phobic or have reflex issues. These scans can be send to high end labs for fabrication of Crowns and bridges at a faster rate to be made and delivered to the patient.

Smile designing for (veneers, Crowns, ceramic treatments) with before and after simulation can be done on the devise for esthetic cases with patients seeing the results of the treatment on screen at the same appointment with less time and immediately at the dental chair.

Orthodontic cases can be scanned without using impressions and models to be more convenient and easy for patients that are starting their orthodontic treatments.

The Intraoral scanner helps plan major surgeries of the jaws and implants before starting the procedures for the patient and the Dentist to know what the final outcome will be digitally.

Done By- د. عارف عمر المهايني ( رئيس قسم الاسنان و اخصائي اول تركيبات و تجميل اسنان)