Diabetic foot

07 Mar, 2022

How does diabetes attack the feet?

Diabetics can have many complications with their feet. Some minor issues may develop and lead to severe problems. The diabetes foot problem often occurs when there are damaged nerves in the legs and feet (diabetes neuropathy).

Facts about the diabetic foot:

Minor diabetes can cause serious complications, with diabetes neuropathy often starting in the legs and feet. To prevent foot problems, it is recommended to control the level of blood sugar and care for your feet, for example not cutting too far into the corners of the toenails, and to wear loose cotton socks.

The effect of diabetes on the feet:

Diabetes causes significant damage to the human body including loss of pain, cold, and heat to the feet. As a result, problems in the feet such as ulceration, infection, skin color change, and muscle weakness, can become apparent. In some extremely sever cases; there can even be a need to amputate the foot.

When is a doctor visit required to avoid complications?

  • When there is ulceration
  • Lack of normal wound healing
  • When symptoms are holding you back from being able to perform daily tasks


Treatment can be performed with or without surgical intervention, determined after diagnosis of the condition and an appropriate treatment plan recommended by a competent physician.