Diabetes treatment, a dream that came true.

28 Nov, 2022

It is axiomatic that one of the most crucial aspects in achieving excellent management of chronic diseases is the patient's commitment to the therapy.

Regarding diabetes, studies confirm that 50% of patients do not achieve appropriate blood sugar levels. Most often, this is due to the patient's lack of commitment or conviction of the prescribed treatment plan.

Researchers have found this is because those patients complain about the numerous treatments or the difficulty of receiving them, particularly needles.

From this point, medical experiments and researches try to overcome such difficulties and achieve the balance between what diabetic patients require and what gives them comfort and convection. Especially because one of the primary objectives of treatment is to enhance what is known as “Quality of life”.

In this article, we review some of the developed methods for the treatment of diabetes in order to improve the quality of patients’ lives and ensure their commitment to the therapy.

Insulin pumps

Nowadays, patients use insulin pumps widely as they are convenient to be administered.
They are suitable for type-1 diabetic patients, as well known, the majority of whom are children.
It helps the patients to avoid the chronic suffering associated with receiving insulin injections.
They are programmed to analyze the blood sugar levels and deliver suitable insulin doses.
What distinguishes insulin pumps from other treatments is their ability to warn patients about the disorder of readings blood sugar levels, so that the specialist doctor can reprogramme them according to the current state.

A glucose meter (Glucometer):

This technique also helps patients to avoid acupuncture with glucose analysis pens.
A glucometer is a simple device to apply to the skin - the patients can do it by themselves- and it is connected to a reader at the size of a mobile phone. The patient can read the blood glucose level by putting it near the glucometer at any time.
This treatment is suitable for insulin-dependent patients.
The manufacturer has developed some mobile phone applications that allow the patients to stop lugging the reader around them all the time.
The glucometer analyzes these data, which gives a more precise picture throughout the day.

Oral semaglutide

One of the latest research findings is developing a fundamental compound in type-2 diabetes treatment called GLP-1 RA.
It's been a well-known substance on the market for many years.
Many doctors trust it, thanks to its capability to enhance the efficacy of insulin secreted by the body.
It helps patients to lose weight.
However, many patients evade semaglutide, because of its method of administration, i.e. injection under the skin.
This issue inspired the manufacturing companies to produce a new compound in the form of daily tablets administered orally.
Finally, the dream of getting rid of these needles came true.
They are likely to be used by more patients, particularly those who suffer from obesity, because it can help them to lose weight. This has not been scientifically proved yet.

Non-injectable Insulin:

The dream just around the corner is to find another form of insulin that patients can use instead of injections and punctures of needles.
Between 2005 and 2015, these experiments led to certified products, which are inhaled through the nose.
However, their adverse effects made them less popular. And the researches are still ongoing to avoid these effects.
Other researches are being conducted to develop another form of insulin administered orally. However, it is currently under study.
Research and experimentation continue in an attempt to overcome the obstacles and find more comfortable methods to treat diabetes. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring the realization of every wish these patients have now.
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