Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery

Surgery that helps relieve pain, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your daily routine and the tasks you are accustomed to during a short period of time, such as bending the knee during prayer, climbing stairs, or walking, all subject to the extent of your commitment to the instructions of your doctor supervising your case.

Facts about knee replacement surgery:

  • It is a one-day surgery, but it depends primarily on the patient's health.
  • Surgical methods and techniques differ as some techniques are performed.
  • Modern and exclusively at the level of the Kingdom in Dallah Namar.
  • The duration of the operation does not exceed 45 minutes.
  • Physiotherapy sessions are an integral part of your treatment journey.

The knee replacement package

  • Admission
  • X-rays and Blood investigations
  • 6 sessions physiotherapy


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