Dallah Hospital successfully performs a repairment surgery on an atypical fracture

30 May, 2022

Dallah Hospitals, represented by the Orthopedic Department, registered a rare case of a 29-years-old Saudi male suffering from shoulder dislocation and scapula fracture resulting from a severe epilepsy episode. Epilepsy is a central nervous system 'neurological' disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal.

The patient was in severe pain for an entire week before being admitted to Dallah Hospital Al Nakheel. He received an accurate diagnosis and was adequately prepared for the operation.

Dallah Al Nakheel Orthopedists devoted their expertise and employed the finest, state-of-art equipment to successfully perform the complex operation. As a result of a delicate post-op recovery and physiotherapy, the patient can now move his shoulders and has returned to his daily routine.