Dallah Hospital Aids a Patient Suffering from a Narrow Upper Ureter with the Renal Hilum

03 Jan, 2022

In Dallah Hospital, Riyadh, an operation was carried out on a 22-year-old patient suffering from a narrow upper ureter with the renal hilum, which was causing intermittent pain, infections, and reduced kidney function.

The operation, carried out by Dr. Mohammed Al Shahri, included fixing the narrow upper ureter with a laparoscope and reconnecting the ureter with the kidney.

Dr. Al Shahri is a consultant in kidney, urinary tract, and laparoscopic surgery, as well as advanced laser surgery. He is also a pioneer in surgery of kidneys outside the peritonitis space for adults in the Kingdom.

Using a laparoscope outside the peritonitis space, the operation included three 5-mm openings without entering the abdominal cavity, a standard procedure in abdominal cavity laparoscopy operations, which is a complicated method that requires high skill and precision.

Dallah Hospitals strive to provide the latest medical equipment with the best, fastest, and highest quality techniques, operated by distinguished medical staff that are highly skilled in diagnosis and operations.

This reflects the commitment of Dallah Hospitals to develop the Kingdom's medical sector in line with Saudi Vision 2030