Dallah Hospital is a specialized health establishment that renders comprehensive medical services, one of which is Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB GYN). It is a stand-alone independent hospital and provides its patients with 80 beds and a full female team for the comfort and privacy of each and every patient.

Specialized OB GYN clinics, which are supported by top medical equipment and services such as incubators for prematurely delivered newborns, are supervised by consultants and specialists with international experience. Also, they provide other medical facilities and services that cater specifically to women’s needs, working under the principle of “prevention” in order to avoid emergencies.

The Dallah Hospital Delivery program includes

  • Free consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free advice on how to breastfeed and on other maternal and childcare matters
  • Free consultations carried out by pediatric consultants for every child born at Dallah Hospital, without request from the parents
  • Free awareness brochures for antenatal and prenatal care

In short, OB GYN provides full care for the mother during her pregnancy and follow-up healthcare for both the mother and baby after the birthing.
The OB GYN Hospital at Dallah Hospital is characterized by

  • A world-class female medical team
  • 3 types of patient facilities, 80 beds divided between Royal Suites, Junior Suites and Private Suites
  • Nursery, Supported by Dallah Hospital’s main building that includes radiology, laboratory, surgery & OR, and the others.

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