The Department of Obesity Surgery at Dallah Al-Nakheel Hospital includes a group of consultants specializing in obesity surgeries and the most common operations to lose weight. At Dallah Hospitals, we are keen to provide integrated medical care with our commitment to maintaining patient privacy and providing the highest quality of care according to the latest devices and technologies.
Offered Services:
  • Endoscopic Weight Loss Surgeries (sleeve gastroplasty and gastric bypass).
  • Using the balloon gastroscopy to reduce weight.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy.
  • Health Education for obesity patients.
Surgery Programs

Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • Consultation before the operation
  • Pre-Operative Investigations
  • Visit a nutritionist before the operation
  • Admission for two days in a private room
  • Take-Home Medicines
  • Free review after the operation

20,000 SAR*

(*) Terms and conditions applied
(*) for cash customers

Smart Gastric Balloon

  • Without surgery, without anesthesia, without an endoscope.
  • A simple 10-minute in-clinic procedure.
  • It decomposes after 4 months and comes out with the waste.
  • It works to lose weight between 10 to 15 kilos

11,716 SAR*

*Terms and conditions applied