Men's Health

Most of the health risks that a man can be exposed to, especially after the age of 45, can be prevented and can be treated through follow-up with the specialist doctor and adhering to his directives to avoid the aggravation of health problems, some of it can affect his daily life.

Urology Center

The center at Dallah Hospitals includes a selection of consultants who specialize in the surgical and medical treatment of erectile dysfunction problems in men.
In Dallah Hospitals, we are keen to provide integrated medical care with our commitment to maintaining patient privacy and providing the highest quality of care according to the latest devices and technologies.


It is one of the most common problems and this problem may occur in a man in his youth, but the possibility of infection increases with age, especially if the man suffers from health problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high fat, high pressure, as smoking, eating and Some medications to cause the problem for some

Details of the implantation of the stent for erectile dysfunction patients:

  • The patient is evaluated clinically to determine the extent of the patient's need for surgical intervention and to determine the appropriate type of stent
  • The patient is evaluated by anesthesiologists to determine the appropriate type of anesthesia for the patient according to his health condition
  • The surgical procedure is performed according to international medical standards by experts in the field
  • The stents used are American made
  • US-backed lifetime warranty for mechanical failure
  • Admission for one day
  • Periodic follow-up after surgery
  • High success rate
  • High level of satisfaction from both husband and wife

Stent Implant Operation

  • Surgical Procedure
  • The Device
  • pre-Operative Investigations  
  • Private Room
  • Discharge Medications

15,999 SR

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