Home Care Programs

Diabetic Care

Scope of Program:

  • Risk of Diabetic
  • Pre Diabetic
  • Type I
  • Types II
  • Gestational DM


  • Doctor Visit by a single home visit and 3 virtual call by
  • 2 Virtual call
  • Tele-medicine
  • Nursing services including a range of 7 to 11 home visits
  • Lab Test
  • Nutrition containing a home visit in additional of 3 virtual call consist of assessment session, Designee Nutrition program and Nutritionist follow up
  • One home visit and 3 virtual call for Health educator
  • Contains of Lifestyle intervention, Exercise and nutrition education alongside monthly follow up.
  • 3 Visit to provide a vaccination according to Doctor request
*Annual home visits is round 10 to 14 visits and 9 Virtual calls depend on patient case.
*An additional visits could be added depending on patients’ need as 4 wound care visits
Geriatric Care

Dallah Home Care provides Geriatric care program to provides a special care for your loved once at their home comfort to improve, maintain their wellbeing and to fulfill their needs


  • A home visit by a doctor in addition to 11 virtual call
  • Nursing visit includes 13 home visits
  • Physical therapy contains 12 visits by physiotherapist
  • 2 visit s for lab services
  • Nutrition contains a home visit by Nutritionist alongside 3 virtual call
  • A single visit by Health educator and 3 virtual call
  • Risk of fall include a home visit by both of physiotherapist, Health education specialist, and Nurse
  • 3 Visit to provide a vaccination according to Doctor request
*Total annual visits are set by charged doctor
Mother and Child Care

Scope of Program:

  • Women who wants to get pregnant
  • Women who suffer from chronic health condition or have had a miscarriage
  • Women over age 30 or under 20s
  • Women with special fears
  • Ante and post natal
  • Newborn babies

Mother and child care program includes:

  • Doctor visit and consultation for maternity and follow-ups
  • Lab tests
  • Ultrasound
  • Nursing services
  • Parent and family education
  • Newborn growth measurement
  • Physiotherapy sessions
*Total annual visits are set by charged doctor
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