Dallah Alnakheel Hospital to Succeed in Replacing Shoulder Joint for an 80 Years Old Man

29 Nov, 2021

Dr. Omar Abdulrahman Al Aufi, orthopedics consultant, decided to perform a surgical procedure to replace a shoulder joint for an 80 years old man with severe disabilities in moving his hand due to tearing the rotator cuff affecting his only hand that performs vital movements of his daily activities after his other hand had been amputated as a result of prior traffic accident.

The patient faced a challenge in agreeing on the physician’s decision to perform the procedure because of his only hand which he wishes to recover to be able to perform all his daily activities such as cleanness and dressing, and there is no assistance to perform so except that hand. After the physician gave confidence to him and seeking help from Allah, the patient decided to undergo the procedure.

Dr. Al Aufi, specialized in shoulder surgery in France, diagnosed and followed the patient condition in Dallah Alnakheel Hospital. The procedure was performed, and the shoulder joint was replaced using the best joints, designed in France, through the best shoulder joint companies in the world. All required arrangements and checks were performed before, during and after the procedure in Dallah Hospital, which subsequently the patient discharged the hospital with a stable condition and is still healing. The patient will soon be able to move his arm normally.