Strategy to Combat thirst during Ramadan

28 Jun, 2014

Sense of fasting in the month of Ramadan thirst with the entry in the summer, which runs fast to more than 14 hours a day, shall continue to the body in the water over those hours; up to breakfast is in urgent need of prompt and adequate...

Sense of fasting in the month of Ramadan thirst with the entry in the summer, which runs fast to more than 14 hours a day, shall continue to the body in the water over those hours; up to breakfast is in urgent need of prompt and adequate compensation for the lost tissue fluids.


We can help our bodies to maintain the water and push the feeling of thirst and reduce the unit, following the foundations of healthy nutrition during the month of fasting, Fbzl some effort to avoid thirst Oshelmn bear the suffering of feeling it!


Our allies against thirst


Water: Mr. beverages can not be compensated for another drink, and experts recommend eating liter and a half liters of it daily, preferably drink water containing mineral salts, to compensate for the body of salts Maevkdh; especially in the race.


And taken into account when dealing with the water to follow the following observations:


Do not leave a bottle of water for a long time after opening and drinking it without the use of; because the bacteria present in the mouth and the environment around us may be energized by the source of infection.


Wash the bottle and cover with hot water and soap when refilling .. With the change from period to period.


You can add some elements of the health drink that glass of water, such as lemon slices or mint leaves or fresh grated ginger.


To get rid of the taste of chlorine you poured the water into a large bowl and leave for about an hour before drinking.


Fluids of all kinds: particularly beverages and natural fruit juices, soft, containing salts. It is advisable to avoid juices containing materials manufacturer and Milonaastnaaaa, which contain large amounts of sugar; because they cause damage to health and sensitivity.


Fresh fruits and vegetables: is preferable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables at night and when the fast, which contain good amounts of water and fiber, which stay for a long time Fayalomaae; which reduces the sense of hunger and thirst.


The choice of the most popular vegetables that pay thirst; because he lives thirst and cools the body and helps relieve nervous disorders, as well as it contains "Olaavalsaleloz food" that facilitate the process of digestion and expel toxins and cleans the intestines.


Delay suhoor: advises the Sunnah to delay suhoor; so would prefer to have suhoor after midnight, so that the fasting person to resist the feeling of thirst, especially in the days Alawlylchiam, preferably contain the suhoor light lunch.


Thieves are stealing water body


Salt: foods and food salt increases the body's need for water; so it is advisable to avoid putting a lot of salt on food, and stay away from foods high salinity, Kalosmakalmalhh and pickles; and preferably replaced by drops of lemon instead of salt on the power, they are working on amending the bait.


Spices: meals and foods containing a large proportion of spices and spice require drinking large amounts of water after eating; because these foods absorb water during Tnolhamn pharynx, mouth and stomach; updated drier in the body, and then feeling thirsty; So the fasting person should avoid eating spicy , rich spices, especially in the meal of Ramadan.


Stimuli: It is recommended the fast reduction of drinking stimulants such as tea and coffee; because they contain caffeine, which increases the activity of the kidneys and strengthens its role in the disposal of water; Tzidalmenbhat and thus the process of water loss from the body.


It should also be alert that it can not be considered an alternative to coffee, tea and water; hot because the nature of the fasting person is not able to drink a large amount of them.


Soft drinks: and which contain carbon, which causes swelling and a feeling of fullness, prevents the body from the use of fluids; therefore must be avoided during breakfast.


Direct sunlight: the fasting person to fear exposure to direct sunlight for long periods, thus avoiding thirst by following the following:


A lot of warm water bath to cool the body, and the use of soap to get rid of body oils that may clog pores ethnicity.


Block sunlight from entering the house during the afternoon as much as possible, by closing blinds or curtains.


Wear light-colored loose; and preferably cotton to absorb sweat.


To rely on the convenience to the extent commensurate with the effort; in order to renew the body's vital energy.


Six myths to conquer thirst during Ramadan


Eating adequate amounts of fluid high concentration of sugar the body works to ischemia and the payment of thirst.


Fact: The fluid high concentration of sugar on the body urges the urine and increased thirst; so fast advised moderation in eating sweets and Ramadan drinks Aalahturkaz of sugar.


Drink plenty of water when suhoor protects from thirst during the fast.


Fact: The water in excess of the body's need repel them college after a few hours to take up; leading to concern the fast during sleep because he needs to go to the bathroom, and this causes fatigue during Fterhalnhar.


Drinking water is very cold or iced at the start of breakfast tells thirst.


Truth: Drinking ice water at the beginning of breakfast affects strongly on the stomach, reducing the efficiency of digestion; and leads to constriction of the capillaries and therefore there is some digestive disorders; and this must be the degree of water mild or moderate cold, and drink fast careful, not all at once.


Payment of water while eating food provides more opportunity for good digestion.


Truth: Drinking water during eating disrupt the descent of saliva on the food, do not mix well with saliva in the mouth, it is difficult to digest and less use of the body; therefore advised doctors not to drink Almeotina by only eating very little to help swallow food.


Drink plenty of water after the completion of the food directly to help the process of digestion and suppresses thirst.


Truth: Drinking plenty of water after the completion of the food directly hamper the digestion process and prevents the digestive system to complete its task in the manner required quality; because many Almetmana secretion of gastric juices; and the right to address a small number of water after breakfast to suppress thirst.


The best time to drink plenty of water is about two hours after breakfast, and fasting person is better to drink small amounts of water at intervals throughout the period of the night and Banalvtor suhoor and not to rely on a sense of thirst to drink.


The large number of drinking water lead to obesity.


Fact: Recent studies have shown that water plays an important role in weight loss; where he works to increase the secretion of the hormone noradrenaline, which increases the activity of the nervous system, and increases fat Mnhriq; which helps in getting rid of excess weight.