The benefits of health drinks in Ramadan

10 Aug, 2011

Associated with the month of Ramadan in the Arab and Islamic world to address a range of food items, juices and sweets. Usually the people wanting to address these items are unrivaled in the month of Ramadan Donna for the other months. One of the...

Associated with the month of Ramadan in the Arab and Islamic world to address a range of food items, juices and sweets. Usually the people wanting to address these items are unrivaled in the month of Ramadan Donna for the other months. One of the most addressed Ramadan drinks licorice, carob, hibiscus and tamarind and Kamarudin and all these drinks contain nutrients that sends activity in the digestive system and send activity in the body and high nutritional value and recommended intakes fasting in Ramadan. This article discusses information about the health benefits for some drinks holy month of Ramadan.

First: Arksos (Liquorice), a substance derived from the roots of a tree Glycyrrhiza. It is sweeter than regular sugar.

Medical characteristics

• strengthens the immune system and anti-virus

• antibiotic respiratory infection treated

• Anti-allergic and treated cough, sore throat and Alotfh

• increase the mucus that protects the stomach lining and reduce the secretion of acid by

• helps to heal the ulcer.

• helps to cure hepatitis


Arksos contains a substance glycyrrhizin, which raise blood pressure and cause water retention and reduce the body of an increase in potassium and sodium.

Prepare syrup Arksos:

Put a cup of licorice powder in a bowl and mix with one and a half teaspoon of carbonate well then add two cups of water to become sticky, then pour in a small bag of cloth gauze and connects the bag to the hub and then placed in a pot with about 8 cups of water and the volatility of the hub in the water When after a while and then placed in the refrigerator until ready to drink after 6 hours and then filtered and served cold.

Second: Hibiscus Hibiscus shrub which reaches a height of about two meters with stems of red and the plant is grown in Syria and in southern Iraq, south of Upper Egypt and Sudan and many other Arab countries. It contains hibiscus Gelokoseidat addition to the pigments and salts of oxalate and vitamin Alcaliswm (c).

Medical properties:

• strengthens the heartbeat.

• kills microbes, making it useful in the treatment of fevers and infections and epidemics of cholera germs.

• moisturizing and tonic for digestion.

• natural dye used for medicines, food and tools.

• a diuretic and mild laxative and a reduced rise in blood pressure

• Anti-Osagrbut.

• increased lymphocytes and white blood cells.


Hibiscus prefer not to take or tolerate the low-owners, and hibiscus are not recommended to store the record of more than 24 hours so there is no deposition of oxalate salts to the detriment of the kidneys. Do not drink is prepared by adding hot water hibiscus in the case of the desire to treat high blood pressure but not cold soak hibiscus in the water.

Prepare a cool refreshing hibiscus drink:

Soak hibiscus sepals after Jurscha for about 8 hours in water and then drink from a cup in the morning and another in the evening

Prepare a hot drink hibiscus:

This is done by adding a cup of hot water to the amount of a teaspoon of hibiscus sepals after Jurscha and sweetened with sugar or honey and drink warm at 1-2 in the cup today.


Third: tamarind Tamarindus indica is the core of the fruits of the cornea to plant an evergreen tree native to tropical Africa and known since antiquity in Egypt and India. Usually added to food tamarind to give it Alhmouzh natural and it is a drink after the addition of a sugar and tamarind is the best treatment for stomach acidity.

Medical properties:

• useful in mitigation of excess acidity from the body and rid the blood of toxins

• contains a number of antibiotics that kill a number of bacterial strains.

• The drink tamarind is used to treat high blood pressure

• removal of stomach gas

• moisten the throat and respiratory tract infections


There are no caveats to pass the Indian, even for pregnant women and children.

 How to prepare tamarind drink:

Attend the Tamarind Bnqah in cold water for several hours or in boiling water for a simple and leave it until it snaps, then drain and add a little sugar.


 Fourth: carob centuries (Carob Pods) which is rich in calcium and fiber plant (26%), vitamin A and antioxidants. Oppe sugars by high and taste sweet and mild laxative.

Medical properties:

• a natural laxative for constipation and when mixed with carrots effective for the treatment of diarrhea and reduces the increased incidence of vomiting

• helps to reduce sinus infections and the vocal cords and the incidence of Balenzlat People

• tonic for the circulatory system and reinforced the immune system

• tonic for the kidney function.

• Dbsa removes the inflammation in the mouth (pregnancy). Boiled and useful in diarrhea and regulates the stomach and stop vomiting in children.

Method of preparation of carob drink: There are two ways to prepare the carob:

A: Soak the carob from morning to the times, and then rubbed by hand and sweetened and cooled, or it can boil water and then put it to cool carob, sweetened and then rubbed and served cold.

Second: put a cup of sugar in the bowl and lift on the fire until liquefied, then add a cup of carob oatmeal and is Tkulaibhm until it becomes the color of the mixture was built and then add the water a couple of 4 to 5 cups as desired and then leaves boiled on the fire until softened carob and then filtered and served cold.


Fifth: Kamaruddin or juice and dried apricots local.

Gets Kamarudin era of the fruits of apricots and add sugar to it and then boiled on the fire and then pour on the wooden boards painted with olive oil and exposure to the sun to dry completely, then cut and wrapped in layers. Can be addressed moon religion eaten directly or dissolve some of the pieces with water to drink Kalshhrb after cooling.

Medical properties:

• contain starch, fats and oils, sugars, minerals (fluoride, manganese, sulfur, potassium, iron), vitamins (C, B2, B1, A).

Nafi from the flames, thirst, fever benefit Kamarudin of thirst in the organization of work of the bowel it is best to drink syrup moon

• strengthens the syrup Kamarudin nerves and appetite and strengthens the tissue cells

• increases the body's immunity and moisturizes and cleans the intestines.

• calms the nerves, insomnia and also removes the active growth of children. Benefit the elderly and youth.

 Dangers of eating:

There are no caveats to Kamaruddin, but if a person suffers from stomach problems he must reduce Kamarudin. It is also possible for pregnant women and children, the use of drink Kamarudin.

Preparation method Kamaruddin:

 Cutting board can Kamarudin into small pieces and then soaked with boiling water for an hour and a sugar as desired and then mixed Balkhlat.