The Pulmonology Department, which was established to develop and provide services in the diagnosis and treatment of chest diseases and lung functions, includes working consultants and specialists in this field and the help and participation of faculty members from universities within and outside KSA.
The latest and most advanced tools and forts for treating chest diseases are used, and the different situations and conditions such as chest allergies and asthma are usually given special attention.
In collaboration with the Intensive Care Unit

the specialty offers treatments to the critical track section for patients with chest diseases and to the other sections that require staff with specific expertise in this area.

Pulmonology specialty is characterized by

  • Testing of the efficiency of patients’ breathing (a free service)
  • Modern facilities, which are specialized in numerous and various cases
  • Cryotherapy service and electrical cauterization of breast tumors
  • Using technology perspectives in the diagnosis and treatment of certain cases

The department’s medical and administrative teams strive for continued excellence by keeping abreast on all of the latest developments in the world of medicine and the most up-to-date techniques in treating chest diseases.