Nutrition has a vital role in human life, as food is more than a gift from God. However, it can have a negative effect if abused, especially recent studies have proven that obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc. may be the result of malnutrition.
Therefore, Dallah Hospital has established a Nutrition Department that embodies two separate clinics
Offered Procedures
  • Check up to determine health conditions and determine lifestyles changes in relation to nutrition
  • Medical investigations carried out to exclude any possible trouble to body systems that could affect the patient’s condition negatively
  • Encourage patients to change lifestyle if they are not active and advise them to exercise regularly
  • Weekly follow-ups or as recommended in order to make changes to patients’ diet
Diabetes & Endocrinology Nutrition Clinic

Due to current lifestyles that are characterized by minimal activity and high fatty foods and calorie intake, the obesity rate in the Kingdom is increasing. Saudi nationals who have diabetes are up to 24%. It is crucial to increase awareness by:

  • Emphasizing the impact of lifestyle changes on reducing diabetes and obesity.
  • Increasing health awareness regarding the types of food that cause high blood sugar.
  • Making patients aware of the importance of organizing their eating schedule and the amount of food they eat so that it caters to their personal needs.
  • Getting a Glucocheck and following up on blood sugar levels during the diet period.
  • Making the patient aware of the necessity of daily activities to improve blood sugar.

Following up with patients to check their weight on a weekly basis advising them about the most appropriate diet for them.