The Internal Medicine Department at Dallah Hospital provides diverse treatment services at the highest standards with its various specialties.
The Gastroenterology specialty treats different cases and conditions of the digestive system and includes a separate unit that is distinguished for:

  • Conducting diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy of the digestive system
  • Being equipped with the latest technology and associated equipment that give doctors access to the most accurate results
  • Having several blocks of rooms for operations and another set for recovery; in addition to waiting rooms for escorts
  • Containing a section outfitted with modern devices that measure liquids in the esophagus, which point to causes of excess acidity and inflammation of the esophagus
  • Its commitment to international standards of sterilization of rooms, devices and equipment
The Nephrology specialty is the highlight of the Internal Medicine Department. Here, early diagnosis of kidney diseases is reported, especially those that adversely affect kidney function in both early and advanced cases.

Among the services offered by this specialty:

  • Taking the diagnostic biopsies of the kidneys
  • Dialysis in severe cases, through the blood and by washing Albertheoni (abdominal)
  • Following up on cases of kidney failure with appropriate intervention when necessary

It also includes the Fragment Kidney Stones & Urinary Tract Unit, which is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology that breaks up kidney stones found in the ureters and bladder by using electromagnetic waves. This is more accurately possible with the identification of gallstones by means of a ray and three-dimensional ultrasound.

It also provides all necessary information for great quality when using the digital imaging machine. The device works without the water bath and the process of fragmentation is painless, where patients are treated on an operation per day basis; this means that most patients who undergo fragmentation leave the same evening.

The Fragmentation Center for Urinary Tract Stones at Dallah Hospital has a success rate of 100% when dealing with various cases of urinary tract stones. The Center is characterized by its ability to address tricky stones and difficult situations. Cases in the lower part of the ureters are usually treated with Laparoscopic surgery, but since this device came into use there has been a lower rate of complications compared to the high rate involved in the conventional surgery or Laparoscopic surgery
Fragmentation Shock Waves
This fragmentation device operates on the principle of converting electrical energy into shock waves, which provides the highest possible degree of safety to all patients.

Benefits of Shock Waves:

  • No pain with fragmentation
  • Does not affect the heart, as is the case with electromagnetic devices
  • May be used on children who can undergo general anesthesia
  • Kidney tissue is not affected even during colorful treatment sessions
  • Size of fragments do not exceed 1-2 mm
  • Ability to fragment stones starting from the size of 1 cm
  • A technical group under the supervision of highly experienced consultants from Dallah Hospital works on the device
The Pulmonology specialty, which was established to develop and provide services in the diagnosis and treatment of chest diseases and lung functions, includes working consultants and specialists in this field and the help and participation of faculty members from universities within and outside KSA.

The latest and most advanced tools and forts for treating chest diseases are used, and the different situations and conditions such as chest allergies and asthma are usually given special attention.

The specialty provides support and advanced respiratory unit tests, which help diagnose and follow-up on cases of allergic asthma and lung fibrosis. It is supported by the Endoscopy Unit, which helps diagnose different cases of chest and breast tumors. In collaboration with the Intensive Care Unit, the specialty offers treatments to the critical track section for patients with chest diseases and to the other sections that require staff with specific expertise in this area.

Pulmonology specialty is characterized by:

  • Testing of the efficiency of patients’ breathing (a free service)
  • Modern facilities, which are specialized in numerous and various cases
  • Cryotherapy service and electrical cauterization of breast tumors
  • Using technology perspectives in the diagnosis and treatment of certain cases

The specialty’s medical and administrative team strives for continued excellence by keeping abreast on all of the latest developments in the world of medicine and the most up-to-date techniques in treating chest diseases.
Elderly Care Programs
We are honored to help you care for those who once cared for you through our "Parents Care Program". This program offers reliable and flexible care to your parents from specialized consultants and well-trained nurses.

Genetic Hematology Program
Please check our Genetic Hematology Program by clicking on the below link