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Pregnancy Follow-up Program

The program include
  • Thirteen visits max to OBGYNE doctors during pregnancy.
  • Doing the following analysis according to the doctor (once to twice maximum).
  • Blood analysis CBC.
  • Blood sugar analysis.
  • Urine analysis.
  • Measles (Rubella analysis).
  • Hepatitis (virus C&B).
  • VDRL.
  • Anti-body screen.
  • Ultrasound screening from once to twice.
  • Planning of the embryo once to twice.
  • Periodic test of blood and blood sugar twice maximum.
  • Urine analysis and review of weight.

The program does not include:
  • The case of the road during pregnancy to prevent complications of pregnancy (constant vomiting, the pressure of the embryo…).
  • Drug or the conduct of birth or any other termination of pregnancy, whether the request from the patient or doctor.
  • Follow-up of sugar pregnancy (GTT).
  • Any extra services required for the treatment of the patient, which are not included in the package, will be added to the bill, these services will be discounted.