Health Services

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The Department prides itself on offering state-of-the art pharmaceutical services to various consumers including inpatients, ambulatory patients and healthcare providers. It is an integral part of the Teaching & Patient Care Program as it aims to provide high quality pharmaceutical care to our patients in an atmosphere of educational growth, shared respect and communication.

The Department functions in accordance with world standards and specifications, with the regulations and procedures set forth by the hospital, and under the umbrella of the rules and policies of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

It has a good divisional design that subdivides employees according to their experience and specializations. It starts with pharmacy consultants and then the chief of pharmacy, followed by the supervisors of each area and coordinators, and last but not least the employees. Our Team of Pharmacy Professionals Includes:
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Registered Pharmacists
  • Registered Pharmacy Technicians

This highly skilled team works together to serve everyone from hospital inpatients to outpatients who require consistent critical medication. Using the Hospital’s intranet, the Department provides expanded and updated drug information to every health care professional through the available online formulary.

It also implements the Electronic Medication Error Reporting Program throughout the Hospital in order to ensure interdisciplinary synergy through collaboration on improving medication safety and educating clinicians and patients. The Department also plays an active role in multidisciplinary teams through the different committees. It does so with the aim of designing and implementing strategies to create a safer medication usage system.

Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee
It is a standing committee made up of the medical staff responsible for assuring that the medications and therapeutic agents used at Dallah Hospital are of the highest quality, monitoring non-formulary drug use, evaluating medication usage, watching for adverse drug and medication errors, analyzing pharmacoeconomics, and for preparing guidelines for use.

Medication Use Evaluation Committee
The Committee’s purpose is to monitor and evaluate that the use of drugs at Dallah Hospital is planned and ongoing. It also aims to help assure the appropriate, safe and effective usage of drugs. The program involves monitoring the patterns of such usage, of adverse drug reactions, of disease-state oriented reviews of formal drugs using approved criteria, of the collection and analysis of data on drugs recently evaluated by the Therapeutics Committee, and of outcome research. All results and activities are reported to the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.

Antimicrobial Advisory Committee
The primary role of this Committee is to promote the rational, safe and cost-conscious use of antimicrobials at Dallah Hospital. With the current concerns revolving around resistance to antibiotics, this role is critical for ensuring that provided therapies are effective and do not contribute to the increasing number of resistant bacteria.

Pharmacy & Nursing Committee
The establishment of the Pharmacy & Nursing Committee at Dallah Hospital has helped improve the relationship between the two departments. The purpose of the Committee is to resolve issues using a cooperative approach.