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Normal Delivery and Antenatal Care Package

Periodic visits to review the Obgyn doctors during pregnancy.

The Package includes the following lab tests
  • Blood type , blood group ABO & Rh D typing
  • CBS
  • Blood sugar analysis
  • Urine analysis
  • Measles ( Rubella analysis)
  • Hepatitis (virus C&B)
  • VDRL
  • Open the mother file for free.
  • Planning of the embryo once to twice.
  • The cost of oxygen and alotyuncs.
  • Open the embryo file for free.
  • Urine analysis and review of the weight according to the doctor.
  • Periodic tests of blood and blood sugar twice a maximum.
  • The cost of the use of peat or a suction side or been reported.
  • The cost of medicines used during a natural birth and caesarean section.
  • Free review of the hospital after the birth of the mother and child once during the week.
  • Born in the establishment of nursery for two days to be the case of a natural born.

The program does not include:
  • Prescription.
  • Analysis of sugar pregnancy and follow –up.
  • Review the emergency department.
  • Diseases not related to pregnancy.
  • Vaccines and mother and purity lace ear.
  • The costs of laboratory tests for the mother and child , which may be required in some cases without reference to her husband.
  • Services, intensive care and surgical intervention or treatment of any disease or congenital defects of the mother or the baby.