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Natural Birth Program

Natural birth program includes the following:
  • Hypnotizing is a common room, and if you want hypnotizing in another room a price different is calculated from the date of the first two days and then enter the room rate is calculated basic.
  • According to the program at the cost of natural childbirth with two days at the residence common room.
  • The contract includes the establishment of the baby in the nursery for two days if the baby in normal condition. The mother before birth and immediately after birth in the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology during the 7 days.

Program includes:
  • Opening file for, free of the mother and child.
  • Conduct the initial vaccinations, for the child born shortly after birth.
  • The cost of the drugs used during childbirth.
  • The cost of using peat or suction device or part been reported.
  • The cost of oxygen and otyuncs.

The program does not include:
  • Facilities costs.
  • The costs of laboratory tests for the mother and child, when may be required in some cases.
  • Without reference to her husband.
  • Vaccines and mother and purity lace ear.
  • Services, intensive care and surgical intervention or treatment of any diseases or defects.
  • Birth of the mother or the baby (of any costs not covered by the contract the other party).
  • Paid in cash and list of prices according to the hospital with 10% discount) in the case of caesarean section

Follow-up of sugar pregnancy having natural birth in the hospital with a maximum residence two days stars from the moment of entry to the hospital, according to the opinion of the doctor’s supervisor the birth.