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Dental Center


Dallah Hospital is one of the pioneering hospitals and aims to render the best services for patients in every way. The Hospital therefore, contracted with one of the best specialized dental centers in Britain to establish Dallah Dental Center (DDC). The Center renders all dental subspecialties, including:

  • Dental Implants
  • Prosthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Maxillo Facial Surgery
  • Orthographic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Fillings
  • Dental Whitening
  • Veneers
  • CEREC MCXL for aesthetic crowns
  • Fresh Breath
  • Therasnore (Anti-snoring Device)

Dental Implants
They give your teeth a natural appearance. If you lose one or more teeth, the ideal way to take care of the problem is by getting a dental implant since it is a therapeutic procedure that does not allow you to feel pain. Implanted teeth have the same quality and appearance of natural teeth. They are safely fixed into the jaw.

Teeth Whitening
Get bright and white teeth in one quick step. At the DDC you can have a bright smile after only one session that takes one hour. This procedure is done while you relax in a comfortable chair. Bright Smile at the DDC is unique in that it uses a special tray that you can keep after your whitening session, so you can maintain your bright smile at home.

Veneers for “A New Life with a New Smile”
It is the quickest way to get a bright smile with only two visits to DDC. The concept consists of fitting specifically individually prepared veneers onto each tooth. This will preserve your perfect smile for years to come.

Laser Beam Technology
Laser technology was invented for safe use in Dental Medicine and eye surgeries. It allows for the performance of special procedures without causing any damage to surrounding tissue or organs. One of the many uses of laser in Dental Medicine is “Diagnodent”, which is for therapeutic diagnosis, the early diagnosis of caries, and for detailed reports on the gum and teeth without the need for x-rays.

Laser technology is used in the following cases:
  • To remove the holes of caries and prepare around the enamel and dentine in order to fix a filling, which reduces the need for local anesthesia or even cancels it completely
  • The treatment of sensitive teeth and oral ulcers, which do not improve with other procedure
  • For teeth and gum aesthetics that require the use of laser to define or change their appearance. Such a procedure is known as the “Aesthetic Smile procedure”

The use of Orthodontics is not only limited to bright smiles, it also gives more self-confidence and enhances career development while improving close relations with others. Patients who need Orthodontics are not limited to specific ages or classes. As Dallah Dental Center renders this simple therapeutic procedure using the most advanced technologies, people suffering from such problems can change the appearance of their teeth and obtain attractive new smiles.

The DDC is equipped with the latest CEREC MCXL machine, which is accurate, efficient, and gives a pretty appearance using crowns and fillings made of porcelain within one hour and in one session, saving both time and effort. Best material for teeth: strong material that has the same color of teeth and the same quality, appearance and function, conforming with the natural components of natural teeth that stick firmly to those natural teeth. This machine corrects partial breaks in the front teeth by applying a layer of porcelain.

Fresh Breath
Recent studies revealed that a non-aerobic bacterium that lives behind the tongue is responsible for bad breath by secreting (USC), a volatile sulfur compound into the mouth. New therapies are available at the DDC to eliminate this bacteria after which, you can enjoy fresh breath.

The anti-snoring intra oral device aims to reduce vibrations caused by breathing by preventing the tongue from touching the soft palate. It also eliminates snoring caused by obstruction.